Frantz Lederer, 44, native of the South of France, went with his parents on international assignment in Indonesia: Borneo, Java, Bali and also in Singapore
He spent a year in the United States to improve his English.
Then he completed his studies in Japan by obtaining his baccalaureate at the Franco-Japanese high school of Tokyo.

He is an expert of the culture, customs and Japanese Art
Back in France, he studied Interior Architecture and graphic design.
After graduation he began a study trip to Italy with a preference for Michelangelo whose works influenced him.

On his return, he worked trompe l'oeil in a group led by Evelyne Sauvage a well known painter in the south of France.
Then he launches into trompe l'oeil frescoes, lime paints, in villas and apartments in the region of Nice ( France )

At 37, he moved with his French-Canadian wife in Montreal, where he specializes in indoor decorations and furniture decorations, in pure French elegance style.
And then, to learn more about his adopted country, he paints on ice... on Hockey rinks throughout Quebec ...
He decorated the restaurant Aikawa, at Dollar-des-Ormeaux (Montreal), where he creates and installs privacy panels

He also invented and realized stylized and internally lit panels with multi-colored paintings.
He masters a variety of medias: plaster, canvas, wood panels, Plexiglas panels, glass, metal and concrete.

His artistic culture, thanks to his travels, is very eclectic and his imagination can adapt easily to the various tastes of his customers.